A hybrid approach to business.




To have a studio or mobile fitness business without the pressure of it making ALL the money you need can be very attractive. Enjoying your 15 hours a week of delivery without money-pressures must seem attractive, too. And when the other half of your business is online, I think you will have quite a winning combination.


You can combine online with face-to-face (local market) where clients can either come and see you in person once a week or even just monthly, with your online program helping them away from your in-person training. Or you can create an intensive kick-start whether 8 weeks of just a few hours to teach a new client the right way to exercise, work with them to create a plan and even coach the essentials of nutrition in-person, but then move clients into online coaching thereafter. Even a weekend workshop plus online can be quite a combo.


Of course with an online program (still local), you can provide for clients who later move away, who are away on business lots or simply split their whereabouts between different destinations.

You can also reach out to new clients outside of your local geography (global) as in anywhere in the UK, indeed world – how exciting!

My report and recent webinar discusses how to ensure you “coach” as opposed to assuming people just need “training” programs via PTD or PT Hub, Trainerize, PT Minder etc. Whilst all these systems offer the ability to also send nutrition plans and emails, the one thing people struggle most with isn’t addressed via email or an online app (“these are merely the tools of the ultimate online coach” DT, 2018). What people most struggle with is mindset and motivation, behaviour change and habit formation. I think human contact may be required in these spheres. And hence being able to “Coach” well is key – ask great questions, listen actively, use affirmation and reflection, roll with resistance, deal with discrepancy, identify and modify limiting beliefs, anticipate interference – indeed generally help clients become more aware, accountable and resourceful – see report or webinar, is key.


I reckon by the time the decade is out (and it is 2018 already, holy moley) Online Coaching and I really don’t mean Online “Training” will massively help fitness coaches work as both Personal Trainers and Coaches (online) confidently and dominate the fitness space globally.


As I say a hybrid format can be good for me, good for you and good for your clients as long as we do it well (the right product, the right marketing, the right sales funnel, the right delivery etc.) – lots to get right. But when right – how exciting!



Darren T.

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