"I help passionate fitness professionals create their own online "coaching" business with confidence."


TEACHER AND EDUCATOR. Darren was previously a University Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, He has a Master's Degree in Sport Psychology and before quiting his academic career to become a Personal Trainer himself, he worked in cardiac rehabilitation and GP referral and has been training personal trainers for more than 15 years. Darren remains part of the teaching team at the European Institute of Fitness. PERSONAL TRAINER. Darren has owned his own Personal Training studio and mobile PT business in Spain, worked as a PT at the Hilton Hotel in Regent Street, London, and worked as a Personal Trainer in Australia where he lived for 4 years. Indeed he worked at Vision Personal Training's very first PT studio in Sydney. Vision today are a $40 million personal training studio chain with more than 50 studios across Australia and New Zealand. BUSINESS OWNER. As CEO and founder of the European Institute of Fitness, his own business had turned over more than £10 million since getting started in 2005 with graduates today literally all around the world. He has coached many trainers after qualifying to create robust and lucrative fitness businesses, helping people grow a stronger business and therefore help more people in fitness. He is an experienced business coach, personal trainer and fitness educator.

Thanks for visiting this site and checking out a little bit more about myself and how I might be able to help you. Why don't I just cut to the chase and tell you who this is for.


That way you can make your own mind up.



Are feeling frustrated and frankly overwhelmed about what best to do to help your business thrive - this is for you!

No blueprints, secret formulas, steps to 7 figure earnings rubbish.

Just clarity about how to be a better coach and take your business online!



Want to take the pressure away from your face-to-face hours and run it alongside a new online business - this might be for you!

You don't have to take your entire business online...

However, if you want to mostly work as an online coach and only conduct selected face-to-face training - this again really is for you!



Are either new to the industry, or wanting to leave a gym environment to become more independent or even have been trying to create a business online already, but just not got the result you want - this might be for you too!


"Coaching" respects our client's own perspective and values their expertise about themselves as much as our own in exercise and nutrition. Together working more collaboratively we can create better and longer lasting results.





Allison is a Fitness & Motivation COACH. She offers both online as well as twice-a-week face-to-face small group coaching to help women take back control of their health, weight and fitness for good. She does not have a "method" to single approach her client must adhere to, but coaches them so they can make the right lifestyle choices for them...

Oh, and she has a Coach, herself!

Allison has established herself as the no. 1 women's weight loss business in Stratford-Upon-Avon turning over £100,000 annually.

If you want to accelerate your development as a world-class Coach as well as fast-track your financial success as a fitness business owner and stop the procrastination, confusion and overwhelm instantly - watch my free recorded Online Business Seminar below.

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