Two Apposing Approaches to Fitness Marketing: Hit and Hope Versus Creating a Strategic Advertising Campaign.

It doesn't take a genius to work out if we adopt a hit-and-hope approach to our marketing such as the post and pray style of many Personal Trainers, we are not acting as we encourage our clients.


We would not tell them to try every diet and hope to find the right one, would we? Equally, if we post on social media daily, maybe multiple times a day, indeed multiple times a day on multiple media and hope someone reads it and buys, we are going to burn out and become incredibly frustrated, if not already!


Blogging and podcasting and posting on social media rarely achieve the intended goals - more paying clients at a premium price.  Such an approach would be like, in days gone by before social media, randomly dropping flyers in people's letterboxes or cold calling from Yellow pages. Whilst blogging may demonstrate expertise and authority (and it might) it is still a long way from being an effective and strategic marketing approach for the modern-day fitness professional who both wants success now, and has an audience of many millions of people around the world who need their help (reminder Diabetes has become pandemic and obesity continues to run rampant throughout society).


Clarity and focus are integral here to plan a strategy. You see the opposite of hitting and hoping is to strategically market with purpose.

This requires getting crystal clear about your target market, their unique needs and apprehensions about fitness (or whatever areas of fitness you are specialist in), and market what you do as a solution to their needs.


You will likely need to use Facebook adverts (because they work when done right) and a specific landing page (not your website or Facebook page) tempting them there with something of high value related to an aspect of the problem they are experiencing, and then sending them to a specific thank you page once they are signed up for whatever you have offered them to entice them to the next step in your sales process (a call, free trial etc). This offer must be exciting, offering immediate benefit to them. Then there is your email campaign to set up to ensure great follow up.


Sure this takes much more work initially than posting a few quick posts on the go. However, the reward is that once done, it is done and will work hard for you whilst you concentrate on enjoying delivering what you do since this system of getting new clients can work continuously behind the scenes.


So you have a decision to make. And our decisions, of course, define our future. Will you post and pray following a hit and hope approach, or will you advertise strategically and become more business-like?


Darren T.


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